ahmedakhan (ahmedakhan) wrote,

The Pulsar and the Planet

Just got news that my story, "The Pulsar and the Planet", has been accepted for the anthology, "Ill-considered Expeditions", from April Moon Books.

Here is the complete TOC:

Pete Mesling - In the Chillest Land
Matthew Barron - Hell Island
James Dorr - Ice Vermin
John McCormack - Mother's Grasp
Steve Foreman - The Strange Affair of Bunny Fosdyke
Ahmed A. Khan - The Pulsar and the Planet
Gerry Griffiths - Jonathon Stone's Swansong
Nicholas Nicario - Povo de Ossos
Rick Leider - The Secret of Bumare-Moto
Jess Landry - The Root
Franklin Marsh - The Wood
Josh Reynolds - An Incident at the Plateau of Tsang
DJ Tyrer - The White Goddess
Stanley Webb - Captain Baxter's Journal
Patrick Loveland - Ghosts of the Spires
Paul M. Feeney - The Room at the Top of the House


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