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A Mosque Among The Stars

The anthology, "A Mosque Among the Stars", edited by Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmed and yours truly, will be available from ZC Books in September 2008. This anthology features 12 SF stories (originals and reprints) that portray Islam or Muslim characters in a friendly light.

Here is the cover (beautifully rendered by the talented Lee Kuruganti), and the TOC:

Table of Contents

Lucius Shepard:                        A Walk in the Garden

Tom Ligon:                                 For a Little Price

Jetse De Vries:                         Cultural Clashes in Cadiz

Howard Jones:                         Servent of Iblis

Andrew Ferguson:                   Organic Geometry

Ahmed A. Khan:                        Synchronicity

Camille Alexa:                           The Weight of Space and Metal

G.W. Thomas:                           The Emissary

Kevin Miller:                                A Straight Path Through the Stars

Pamela Taylor:                          Recompense

C. June Wolf:                                Miss Lonelygenes' Secret

D.C. McMahon:                           Squat

Tags: anthology, islam, sf
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